What Comes of a New Beginning:

the travels of friends, the telling of new(s)...

The reason we can live so contently

Is we never get a glance at what we could be .



Played a show at the SLC on FSU campus tonight. It was interesting. My hi hat stand collapsed 2 minutes into the song but I kept on thuggin. We all enjoyed it and now I’m actually kinda stoked about the show on Tuesday. And we also got radio play in Miami on an FIU student-run station, which is pretty neat. I need a day off from drumming. My wrist is fucked.

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We need four of these; now accepting donations.

We need four of these; now accepting donations.


so, here’s this new track. we recorded it with our good friend matt shim (three man cannon / ah, horse hockey). it’s going to be on a compilation coming out some time in the next few months, and maybe something else, but we coudn’t wait. we’d rather you know at least four songs that we play live these days. okay, okay, no more posting songs!


go blog about it.

- love, glocca morra.